MagLife with Andobil Easyfly Christmas is officially over

2022-12-29 15:05:24

Dear friends!

MagLife with Andobil Easyfly Christmas comes to an end as the Christmas season quietly draws to a close. In this activity, we can see from the videos uploaded by the participants that Easyfly accompanied them to capture and record many touching, real and specific life moments. From everyone's sharing, we can feel everyone's love for Easyfly and their desire to share life, to make hope happen and beauty spread. These are what we have been hoping to see and what Andobil has been doing!

Of course, the prize has already been awarded, we have sent the notification to each winner, please pay attention to the relevant information, we will send the lucky package according to the address you first received Easyfly, about 3-6 days later will still deliver to your address, please note to check.

Finally, Andobil wishes everyone a happy New Year in advance! I wish you and your family happiness and well-being! We love life, but we love you love life more.

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